We want and need to help solve our water worries. With water we can alleviate world hunger and lower global disease.

Currently a billion people lack access to safe drinking water, and 2.6 billion lack access to basic sanitation. According to (WHO) World Health Organization, the contaminated and infectious agents, the bacteria that cause diarrhea, account for 4.1 percent of the global disease burden killing 1.8 million children a year.

Sister Marybeth and Lisa Smith-Batchen have started many missions where we have 100s of children with little or NO water. For many years Lisa has run to help feed the children and build schools in these missions in Ethiopia and India. The next stage in the project is to build sustainable wells in these missions to allow the occupants to gain access to good, clean water.

Kids1Every penny donated goes directly to building these wells and improving the lives of our children in the missions.

Everyone deserves a life of dignity and grace, everyone deserves good water!

For further information on exactly where our missions are and where the wells will be built please email Lisa at lisa@dreamchaserevents.com