The Crew

  • Vincent M. Antunez

    Vincent M. Antunez, D.Sc, PA-C, has a Doctorate of Science in Orthopedics and serves as a -Service Physician Assistant Program teaching neurology and orthopedics. twice (110k), the Four Days Force March in Nijmegen, and he walked 192 miles across Great Britain.

    Since coming back to the US he continued to run and has thus far completed a marathon in 26 states, several 50 k, and a 100 mile trail run.  In addition, he is the only active duty service member to have completed all four of the Racing the Planet desert races and he has done the Marathon Des Sables as well as the Grand to Grand in Arizona/Utah – twice.  He has also crewed at Badwater and more recently served as the primary crew for John Sharp’s record breaking 200 mile solo Texas Independence Relay.  Vince is also the owner of Trail Toes, LLC, a company he started while deployed to Afghanistan in June 2013.  The company manufactures Trail Toes Phenomenal Ultra-Extreme Anti-Friction Foot and Body Cream a product that was developed to help athletes complete endurance events with a blister free finish.

  • Rebecca Hansen

    Rebecca Hansen, is a single mother of 3 girls: Maddie, 21, Hayley, 17, and Grace 15.  Most of her career has been spent in Strategic Business, however she has gone back to school to become a PA, with the goal of working with Doctors without boarders in developing countries. She is also launching Sole to Soul, an organic sports food company.  Rebecca loves to try endurance races and events that are way out of her league with the Death Race, Lost 118, and running across the state of Florida being some of her favorites. She has always admired Lisa and after attending one of her running camps, Lisa became her coach and mentor.  Rebecca has joined forces with Lisa to raise money for Badwater4 Goodwater, to make a difference for those who don’t have clean water and will be furthering the effort when she raises money through competing in a Quintuple Ironman in October 2014.   It is an honor to work with Lisa on this important mission, and through this effort she hopes that many children and their families will have access to clean water, which is something that we all take for granted.

  • Kerri Kanuga

    Kerri Kanuga is a swimmer who loves to run. Kanuga began running relatively late in life but found that it suited her lust for adventure, fitness and travel. She discovered over the ensuing years that she is not the fastest runner, but has great endurance. Her growing interest in ultra-distances began when she realized that on the longer races she would always catch people towards the end. When runners ahead of her were starting to run out of steam she was often just getting warmed up! Kanuga has completed many marathons and several off-road 50 km events. Lisa is her idol and coach and is working with Kerri to complete her first 100 mile race in the near future.

    Living on the flat island of Grand Cayman there is not much offered in the way of running adventure. So Kanuga feeds her drive with distance swimming. She has completed numerous long-distance swims including being one of the first to navigate a staged swim around the entire coastline of Grand Cayman and a double-crossing of the Cayman Brac to Little Cayman channel which took her over the Cayman Trough (some of the deepest water in the world with depths of 25,000 ft). Kanuga is currently training for a 20 km swim around Key West (June 2014), an event she entered after breaking her toe and having to withdraw from the Keys100.

    Kanuga says, “I was thrilled when Lisa asked me to assist! I know I am the rookie on the team, but I look forward to what I will learn from these accomplished athletes and am honored to be in their presence. I am also pleased to be a part of BadWater4GoodWater. It’s such a great charity and I admire Lisa for combining her passion for running with a worthy effort to raise money for clean water.”

  • Sister Mary Beth Lloyd

    Most people do not realize it there are about 25 million orphans from HIV/AIDS! Sister Mary Beth Lloyd has been helping these children for the past 18 years and has helped develop programs to for the Child Headed Households, i.e. brothers and sisters left orphaned by HIV/AIDS, a work which now has become a priority for her order the Religious Teachers of St. Lucy Filippini.  Her experiences in Albania, Brazil, Ethiopia, Eritrea and India inspired the writing of the book, Aids Orphans Rising.  Sister Mary Beth has also received the Servitor Pacis Award from the Vatican Misson at the United Nations for her service to the children.  Sister represents the Religious Teachers Filippini who are working not only to provide God’s love, food, education, etc. for the children but most of all to give these children a future of peace.



  • Scott Morgan

    An endurance athlete whose passion lies in solo mountain running and climbing. Scott has run to the summits on five 14,000′ mountains in California and Colorado to date {Whitney, Greys, Torrey, Evans and Pikes Peak}. Scott has climbed extensively throughout the US and abroad and loves rock, {sport/trad}, alpine, water ice and mountain climbing.

    Scott has paced Lisa at Badwater six times, one of which was a double crossing and one was starting in Las Vegas to the summit of Mt. Whitney. Some of my most fondest memories are of times that Lisa and I were out on the road at Badwater, I recall one year it was 132 degrees and just beyond brutal out there, but the harsh conditions we faced out there at Badwater were always made to be super fun by being in the company of Lisa.

    It is such an honor to be a small part of this amazing project wherein Lisa will become the first women to complete Badwater ten times as well as the first women to complete the quad crossing and in so doing raise money so that people can have clean, safe drinking water. I am honored to be along side Lisa, Sister Marybeth and Marshall who have devoted so much and have changed the lives of so many throughout the world through their fund raising efforts.

    I remember a few years ago when our group was high up on Whitney and the weather started to deteriorate. We were about one mile from the summit completely exposed to the weather as massive thunderstorm started to move in from the north. As we got to the summit Sister asked me if everything was OK. I told her that we were in serious trouble as the massive storm was rapidly approaching, I told everyone that we were going to put our gear in a pile and then spreadout on our hands and knees when the strom approached. Sister disappeared for a minute to pray. The storm almost immediately changed course, and shifted well to the east of us. There was no earthly reason for this to happen, the wind direction remained constant …. what happened was Sister prayed for our safety.

  • Ernie Rambo

    For Ernie Rambo, her life didn’t really begin until she moved to Las Vegas and started running. While Ernie has never been among the front runners of foot-racing, her racing accomplishments include the Marathon des Sables in 2000 and a tremendously slow Badwater race in 2002!  After meeting Lisa Smith-Batchen and helping her crew Marshall for his 2001 Badwater Quad, Ernie began realizing how running dreams can become real. She completed two crossing of the state of Nevada, one in July, 2004 (700+ miles) and again in July, 2005 (1000 + miles).  Ernie loves the starkness of the desert and enjoys running trails in the mountains surrounding Las Vegas. When she’s not running, Dr. Rambo, a National Board Certified educator, teaches a variety of classes at a Las Vegas middle school and trains teachers how to moderate virtual professional learning communities.

    “Just as I was amazed with Marshall Ulrich’s Badwater Quad completion in 2001, I am equally amazed at Lisa Smith-Batchen’s accomplishments.  Running can be such a selfish endeavor, but Lisa’s purpose for running goes far beyond the average runner’s reasons. Lisa has pushed through tremendous challenges and complications with her running, powered by her dedication to helping so many that need basic supplies in order to survive. I once heard that it’s useless to attempt to save the problems in this world without first addressing the need for clean water for everyone on the planet. It is an honor to be asked to join Lisa in the Badwater4Goodwater Mission. It is my hope that by helping Lisa complete her Badwater Quad, that millions of children on the planet will get access to clean water forever.”

  • George P Velasco

    I am a ultrarunner. I have crewed LSB a few times before and I have been around the block a few times. I like Lisa like to inspire and help people. I am honored again to crew and help this athlete raise money to help improve the quality of life for these people who are not as fortunate as me in having clean water which I take for granted living in America.

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