An endurance athlete whose passion lies in solo mountain running and climbing. Scott has run to the summits on five 14,000′ mountains in California and Colorado to date {Whitney, Greys, Torrey, Evans and Pikes Peak}. Scott has climbed extensively throughout the US and abroad and loves rock, {sport/trad}, alpine, water ice and mountain climbing.

Scott has paced Lisa at Badwater six times, one of which was a double crossing and one was starting in Las Vegas to the summit of Mt. Whitney. Some of my most fondest memories are of times that Lisa and I were out on the road at Badwater, I recall one year it was 132 degrees and just beyond brutal out there, but the harsh conditions we faced out there at Badwater were always made to be super fun by being in the company of Lisa.

It is such an honor to be a small part of this amazing project wherein Lisa will become the first women to complete Badwater ten times as well as the first women to complete the quad crossing and in so doing raise money so that people can have clean, safe drinking water. I am honored to be along side Lisa, Sister Marybeth and Marshall who have devoted so much and have changed the lives of so many throughout the world through their fund raising efforts.

I remember a few years ago when our group was high up on Whitney and the weather started to deteriorate. We were about one mile from the summit completely exposed to the weather as massive thunderstorm started to move in from the north. As we got to the summit Sister asked me if everything was OK. I told her that we were in serious trouble as the massive storm was rapidly approaching, I told everyone that we were going to put our gear in a pile and then spreadout on our hands and knees when the strom approached. Sister disappeared for a minute to pray. The storm almost immediately changed course, and shifted well to the east of us. There was no earthly reason for this to happen, the wind direction remained constant …. what happened was Sister prayed for our safety.