Rebecca Hansen, is a single mother of 3 girls: Maddie, 21, Hayley, 17, and Grace 15.  Most of her career has been spent in Strategic Business, however she has gone back to school to become a PA, with the goal of working with Doctors without boarders in developing countries. She is also launching Sole to Soul, an organic sports food company.  Rebecca loves to try endurance races and events that are way out of her league with the Death Race, Lost 118, and running across the state of Florida being some of her favorites. She has always admired Lisa and after attending one of her running camps, Lisa became her coach and mentor.  Rebecca has joined forces with Lisa to raise money for Badwater4 Goodwater, to make a difference for those who don’t have clean water and will be furthering the effort when she raises money through competing in a Quintuple Ironman in October 2014.   It is an honor to work with Lisa on this important mission, and through this effort she hopes that many children and their families will have access to clean water, which is something that we all take for granted.