For Ernie Rambo, her life didn’t really begin until she moved to Las Vegas and started running. While Ernie has never been among the front runners of foot-racing, her racing accomplishments include the Marathon des Sables in 2000 and a tremendously slow Badwater race in 2002!  After meeting Lisa Smith-Batchen and helping her crew Marshall for his 2001 Badwater Quad, Ernie began realizing how running dreams can become real. She completed two crossing of the state of Nevada, one in July, 2004 (700+ miles) and again in July, 2005 (1000 + miles).  Ernie loves the starkness of the desert and enjoys running trails in the mountains surrounding Las Vegas. When she’s not running, Dr. Rambo, a National Board Certified educator, teaches a variety of classes at a Las Vegas middle school and trains teachers how to moderate virtual professional learning communities.

“Just as I was amazed with Marshall Ulrich’s Badwater Quad completion in 2001, I am equally amazed at Lisa Smith-Batchen’s accomplishments.  Running can be such a selfish endeavor, but Lisa’s purpose for running goes far beyond the average runner’s reasons. Lisa has pushed through tremendous challenges and complications with her running, powered by her dedication to helping so many that need basic supplies in order to survive. I once heard that it’s useless to attempt to save the problems in this world without first addressing the need for clean water for everyone on the planet. It is an honor to be asked to join Lisa in the Badwater4Goodwater Mission. It is my hope that by helping Lisa complete her Badwater Quad, that millions of children on the planet will get access to clean water forever.”